Astella. New luxury line.


Astella. New luxury experience.

Dare to dream. Do you have your perfect place? We all have a dream, that ultimate holiday home by the lake, next to the beach or in the mountains, away from it all, yet cocooned in your own private luxury.
The new Astella from Adria, inspired by dreams. Our aim? To create something like no other. Is it a luxury caravan or a mobile home? As you can tow it like a regular caravan or set it up like a static mobile home and move it easily when you need to, maybe it's both. 
It's no dream anymore, Astella is here now and it's available to buy.

breaking the rules

Always innovating, is a philosophy at Adria and with Astella, the brief was to create an inspiring new form of luxury holiday home, on wheels.


Smooth clean lines and a purity of shape and design, for a new signature luxury line. No unnecessary details, just everything smooth, functional and elegant. An interior with big volume, flowing spaces. Our new signature line, luxurious in its simplicity.
 "It's a feeling. Of everything being as it should".


Shaped by the wind, uncluttered and with proven aerodynamics, learned from the aerospace industry, to help airflow when towing. Unique exterior profile, the shape of things to come.
"It's a feeling. Of being shaped by the wind".


Discover your perfect habitat. An exclusive, flexible and open plan interior which extends through the panoramic doors and windows to the great outdoors. Everything you need from home and the feeling of connected living right there in your natural habitat.
"It's a feeling. Of being at one with nature".


Luxurious in its simplicity. Large free flowing but connected spaces, luxury accommodation. Spa style bathroom, designer kitchen and an open living room for inside outside living. A calm, well organized interior, which lifts your spirits and calms your soul.
 "It's a feeling. Of being in your own dream home".
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Astella brings a cool new style, with clean modern lines and large volume spaces, designed for living, with a choice of layouts and everything in the right place.


Luxurious, contemporary interior design. Flowing layouts, with great living spaces, complemented by touches of luxury.
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A kitchen straight from a cool apartment, based on ergonomic principles, with style, great space and functionality. Featuring Corian® worktops and quality appliances.
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Private, luxurious home-style bedroom with innovative controllable lighting and bed with comfortable Octasprings® mattresses.
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Media controller, multiple USB sockets and sensibly located TV holder and Bluetooth amplifier.
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Optimized interior storage throughout, with places for all the things you need.       
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A boutique hotel-style, spacious and ergonomically designed bathroom with large separate shower and quality fittings.  
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Exclusive LED contour lighting outside, zonal, spot and LED lighting inside, including moveable track lighting in the living areas.
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  • Half open, or both open settings.
  • Double-glazed, special durable acrylic material.
  • Integrated double locking mechanism for security.
  • Integrated mosquito net and privacy curtains.
  • Insulated, heat & ventilation management, no condensation.

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Towing information

Thanks to its proven aerodynamics and AL-KO chassis you can tow an Astella like a regular caravan.
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your astella

For your perfect holiday place you'll want to choose the layout which best suits your needs.
Choose from three Astella models, each with its own unique layout.

Astella 704 HP

Astella 754 DP

Astella 904 HP


Luxuriate in contemporary living spaces where everything just seems to work together for a calm harmonious and effortless experience. Choose from a selection of textiles and cushion sets for added personality.




You can create an even more luxurious experience, with a selection of recommended lifestyle accessories for your Astella: